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Favorite Series

Lost in Space (2018)
how tf are people rating this if it hasn't come out yet? >.>
The Last Man on Earth
Right? I just binge watched all the available episodes (basically 2 seasons and 6 episodes) Which I don't know if I'm most proud of just 9,45 hours of "Last Man On Earth", but definitely loved the show.
Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 2
@palmoga LOL.. that song is stuck in my head.
The Flash Season 2 Episode 15
OMG, OMG... I knew IT. I had not seen this episode yet and I was talking to other people who watch ''The Flash'' and made a theory about Jay being the Zoom who is orriginally from Earth One. And now that I have watched this episode I'm like: ''Yaas.. I totally knew it'' Can't wait for the next episode. ;D