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The 100
Firstly being the Books secondly being they talk like real people. You have Raver in your name and are offended by nudity? I'm assuming you've never actually been to a rave huh? Go pretend elsewhere little boy.
The 100
Kid is crying over nudity and swearing lmfao? Don't worry sport you don't need to tell us you're young, your immaturity is showing through, hence equating everything Nude related to sex or "jerking off" Swearing is important in any show that has an audience of adults 20-30, why? Because we don't talk like children, we are able to mix a few swear words in whilst sounding civilized. The Show The Magicians gained a enormous following on a low budget season 1, due to 2 reasons: Firstly being the bo
Arrow Season 6 Episode 1
SupremeOverlord, you're a dumb cunt.
The Magicians (2016)
Season 3 doesn't air until 2018 lmao, idiots.
Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7
"Swift and deadly" A Bleeding out of your neck is not swift. B I'm pretty sure any way of killing somebody is "deadly" you idiot.... Lmfao xD
Game of Thrones
Awh look at that We got our trained bitch Nevertheless to realize leaked episode are a thing. Good girl! Now roll over!
Game of Thrones
Bahahahahaha after looking at his account he doesn't even watch most of the shit he writes reviews on, holy fuck you are in desperate need of attention bahahahahahahaahahah
Game of Thrones
Oh and you thought I was dead because I don't no life post reviews every day on a website? Well, that kinda just proves my assumption that you have no life, and need these kind of conversations.
Game of Thrones
But hey, can't expect much from somebody who took 8 years to finish Highschool, if you need any help paying for any professional psychiatric help, just hit me up buddy.
Game of Thrones
I'm starting to think this is your only way of talking to people, I mean you seem to watch 30 episodes of whatever show a day, doesn't leave much time for a Job, or a social life eh loser?
Game of Thrones
Calling me dumb when you can't use punctuation, or even semi decent grammar. Born and raised in the Upper east ya broke ass loser. Look how mad you got when you realized you were wrong lmfao.
Game of Thrones
Why am I not surprised. Everything you post on this site is retarded, why should I expect you not to be retarded right?
Game of Thrones
Nevertheless, you're fucking retarded. Episode 4 was leaked online last night. You're calling it fake, well it definitely isn't so stop spreading false info dumb ass.
The Originals Season 4 Episode 13
How exactly could Freya take his place? Do you guys not pay attention? Vincent said it had to be an immortal that harbors the 4 pieces of the Hollow, and as stated by Freya 2 episodes ago, she is no longer immortal. Try to pay attention Achillia, and Smilemore.
Suits Season 7 Episode 1
Potential crossover with Billions coming soon?? They name dropped Bobby Axelrod this episode.
Chicago Justice
You were septic? So you're a drainage system? Lmfao illiterate piece of garbage xD. Think you meant Skeptic. Go back to middle school you uneducated child.